To make things easy, we created a table describing the whole process.

Step Action Responsible Rough Timeline Comments
1 You accepted our offer and we agreed on the job and the process Paperclip and Employee
2 You provide us with copies of  all necessary documents:

  • Scan of your passport
  • Criminal Record
  • Scan of Diplomas
  • CV (must contain at least your duties from the last two years, better more)
  • Personal email address
  • Cell phone number is available
  • Scan of passports of family members
  • Marriage certificate
  • Criminal record of your spouse
  • Birth certificates of children
Employee ASAP If you are neither an EU nor a Russian or Serbian Citizen, your documents need to be Apostilled. You can check the regulation here: What ratifications do my documents require ?
3 We check the documents and prepare the translation work Paperclip 1 week Translations will be done on copies but for the certification, we will need the originals.
4 We obtain an entry Visa for you and ship it to you by courier Paperclip Up to around 4 weeks Column 5 Value 4
5 You travel to Cyprus and let us know that you arrived, where you are staying and how we can reach you Employee Depends on the employee We recommend starting to look for an apartment the day you start the whole process. We can help you with contacts to agents etc but you will need to find an apartment ASAP. Your rental agreement has to be for a minimum of 1 year, duly stamped by the authorities and the utility bills have to be in your name.
6 You get a pay-as-you-go SIM card Employee Depends on employee This is required for your utility bills as well as for the immigration process.
7 We make an appointment for medical tests for you and your family Agents Immediately after we get your details
8 One of our agents takes you for the medical tests and also obtains all the originals of your documents from you to get the translations certified Agents Usually 1 week
9 We apply for a Bank Account for you Agents Usually 2 weeks Requires address and utility bill and Cyprus phone number
10 We apply for your permit. Agents 2-4 weeks Requires rental agreement and result of medical tests
11 You pick up your permit and provide your biometrical data to the immigration for your residence card Employee Same day – 4 weeks The date of your permit is the date you are officially allowed to start working.
12 We help you choose a General Practitioner and you apply for the public health insurance Column 3 Value 12 Immediately
13 We apply for the documents for your family members Paperclip Immediately after your ARC is picked up This will require bank guarantees for possible deportation fees. You can check the amounts here: Required Bank Guarantee Amounts

Please note that each Bank guarantee incurs also Bank charges of about 128€

 14 You pick up your and your family’s identity cards Employee Up to 6 months Needed for travelling.

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